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Review Management
How responding to user feedback builds brand image?

Everyone wants to be heard, especially an unhappy customer. That’s why you should respond to feedback left under your products or in your Google business profile.


Responding to user comments has many benefits. In one study, a test group was given a negative review to read along with the company’s response. The control group, on the other hand, only read the negative comment. The result of the study was as follows: consumers who saw the company’s response were 186% more likely to buy than those who did not see the response. The conclusion is simple: responding to negative customer feedback increases purchase intent*. 


Your response can also improve the perception of your offering among potential customers. What’s more, reviews often contain a call to action. Therefore, don’t get offended at a customer for writing something not to your taste. Consider whether the customer is a little bit right. Maybe you need to pay more attention to customer service, or maybe a shorter delivery time would be a good solution? 


But don’t forget about the positive feedback, you should also respond and thank them. Remember that consumers have more confidence in brands that respond to reviews than in those that do not.


When responding to reviews, avoid corporate language. It is fake for consumers. Therefore, in a natural way, thank for leaving a review (even a bad one). However, try not to copy your answers – you are not a machine and there is a human being on the other side. This way you will show consumers that you are listening to their needs, as your goal is to respond to their expectations.


* http://media2.bazaarvoice.com/documents/Bazaarvoice_Conversation_Index_Volume6.pdf 


Katarzyna Chomąt
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