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Review Management
Why is it important to care about a steady flow of new brand reviews?

When users choose your business profile on Google, they want to see a regular flow of reviews on your business as they want to make sure your product or service is still a good product or service. 


Current reviews are also important for SEO reasons. Remember that a steady flow of positive reviews can affect your position in search results. For many brands, SEO and Google Shopping are an important part of their customer acquisition strategy. What’s more, according to Google, ads that include customer reviews achieve a 17% higher click-through rate than ads without reviews*.


It follows that keeping ratings is an influential factor when a consumer chooses the right company. Therefore, your task should include a regular investment in obtaining reviews from your customers to encourage potential customers for choosing your business.


* https://www.powerreviews.com/insights/complete-guide-ratings-reviews-2021/

Katarzyna Chomąt
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