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Analyze your
ratings & reviews

Use our fetcher to see your real image in your customers voice. Just type name of your company, pick up to 20 of your profiles and wait for results.
Do the magic
Don’t worry, it’s completely free ;)
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How it works
How it works
Search profiles
Use search bar to find all your rating and reviews profiles. You can choose from 13+ portals like Google, Yelp, Airbnb, Booking and more.
Choose yours
You can add up to 20 profiles. It is possible to make as much query as you like. Try to find and add them all.
Let us do the magic
Now it’s our part. We will scrape all added profiles for you. But please, be patient. If your profiles are large it may take some time.
Learn from your customers
You will receive clear view on your situation. Now it’s time to dig deeper in your cusomers insights!
Why reviews audit?
It’s safe
Don’t be afraid of leaks! We won’t publish any of your data Our aim is to deliver good insights of your rating and reviews situation. So keeping your data safe is a must for us. If you find any issues feel free to let us know in form below.
Free to use
Our app is completely free to use! We wanted to create a free tool which would help you monitor and analyse your corporate image on the Internet. So don't wait, start using Reviews Audit and stay ahead of the competition.
Clear data visualization
Simple and intuitive
We’ve created a simple and intuitive dashboard to help you analyse data.
The dashboard consists of several sections, such as: Summary, Result details, Your profiles, Main complaints, Google competitors and Keywords. Such division will make it easier for you to analyse the individual components that make up your result.
Insights from our partners
We work with experts in the area of reputation management.
In order to make the presented data as reliable as possible, we cooperate with: Brand24, Rating Captain. The experience of the aforementioned companies in the area of reputation management allowed to create one tool – Reviews Audit.
See how you deal with competitors
See how you deal with competitors.Our audit also includes an overview of your competitors.
Furthermore, Reviews Audit allows you to determine your company's position against the competition. Thanks to this feature you can have a look at the communication of your competitors, exclude mistakes that they make, as well as use their experience.
Understand your customers point of view
Analyze my business
Check which portals you are present on.
Do you know that companies present in at least 3 opinion-forming websites earn 36% more? It is worth to exist not only on popular platforms but also on industry websites.
Trust analysis
Check if the reviews about your company inspire trust in potential customers.
Consumers are sceptical about companies that have only positive reviewss in their business cards. In the eyes of potential clients it looks suspicious and might suggest that you manipulate opinions. Therefore, your goal should be to keep the rating between 4.5-4.8 stars.
Quality of reviews
It is not enough just to take care of the quantity of opinions, their quality is also very important.
Consumers prefer to read longer reviews because they are more authentic and detailed. It is more likely that longer review contains information relevant to the consumer.
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