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Google My Business
Why is it worth having a Google My Business account?

Internet users reach out to Google every day in search of all sorts of information. Thus, it is not surprising that before using the offer, they check the opinion about a given company on the Internet. The first place they will check is your business profile on Google. 


Google My Business is a source of information such as contact details, company address, opening hours and of course, company reviews. Having a business account on Google provides an element of building a competitive advantage, allows to present the company profile, and supports positioning.


There is one more reason why you should have a Google My Business. This reason is local pack/finder ranking. It turns out that the position in local search results is mostly influenced by Google My Business (33%). Of course, among the GMB categories, there are some that you have influence over and some that you don’t. Factors you can optimize in your Google Business account:

  • primary GMB category – make sure your primary GMB category is the one that closest matches the most valuable search term you want to rank for;
  • additional GMB category – make sure you’ve filled out every other available additional category that is relevant to your business;
  • listing – you should verify it;
  • fill out every field in GMB to ensure your listing is as complete as possible*.




* https://whitespark.ca/blog/2020-local-search-ranking-factors-survey-analysis/ 

Katarzyna Chomąt
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